Experienced Professionals Exploring a Career in Financial Advisory

Experienced Professionals
You’ve built a cache of experience in a different industry and are ready to try something new. You’re energized by relationship building and the idea of helping people meet their financial goals. You have an interest in personal finance and investing, and you value the freedom and flexibility of defining your own schedule. If you’re ready to embark on the excitement of exploring a different career path as an independent financial adviser, we’re ready to help you make the most of the journey.


Relevant certifications

You will need a license to practice as a Financial Advisory Representative, obtainable upon clearing the Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services examination.


Comprehensive mentoring and training programme

All new advisers are also assigned to a manager, who will also be your mentor. You will undergo a comprehensive two-week in-house training programme, followed by 90 days in the field, shadowing and participating in joint-work with your manager. This is part of our skills-building exercise where new advisers are given ample opportunities to put their skills to the test in real life. Weekly case reviews with your manager ensure that you receive effective and pertinent guidance to help you grow in expertise and experience.


Continuing education and industry sharing

You’ll attend weekly case study workshops, where new concepts, products and services will be discussed to keep you updated of the latest tax and legislatory changes impacting the industry. Various financial planning scenarios are also presented for analysis and discussion at these workshops to encourage continuous learning across all advisory teams. We strongly encourage our advisers to stay relevant and updated through attending industry conferences and upgrading their professional qualifications by pursuing external courses such as the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) certification.


Cutting-edge technology for market-leading analysis

We give you the tools you need to succeed. Our financial planning and investment management software technology is entirely proprietary. You receive in-house support for analytics and an accounting system for transacting commissions and fees – which translates into the ability to deliver sound and intuitive recommendations to your clients in a timely and responsive manner.


Network of Specialists at Your Disposal

Our advisers are supported by paraplanners, group and general insurance specialists and a strong administrative team. Everything has been set in place so that you can concentrate in providing the best solutions to your clients.