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Child Education Planning

Make Their Dreams Come True

As a parent, you want to give your children the best available opportunities to pursue their given talents and inspire them to boost their potential. Get an early start on the path to ensuring your children can enjoy the luxury of choosing the best possible education and career options open to them, without any financial constraints.

Select from our wide range of plans that offer both protection and a disciplined and dedicated way to save. So you can make your dreams, and theirs, into a sure reality.

Speak to an A.D. Avallis Financial Consultant today. We’ll help you launch a bright future for your children.

Personal Life Insurance
You’ve just collected the keys to your brand new home. Or maybe it’s your dream car. Or tickets for your family vacation.

Enjoy your life’s pleasures with confidence knowing that you are adequately insured against unforeseen events such as fire, theft, accidents or natural disasters. At A.D. Avallis Financial, our extensive distribution network enables us to deliver top-quality products and services from first-rate reputable insurers. Whatever your need, you’ll find a product that matches it.

Whether it be household fire & home content insurance, automobile insurance, travel insurance or maid insurance, let us help you tailor a policy that achieves the optimal coverage you’re looking for.

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Health Insurance
Our busy lifestyles often mean our health and well-being take a back seat. But there’s no reason to let your healthcare coverage do the same.

A.D. Avallis Financial offers a comprehensive selection of healthcare insurance plans from established and reputable insurers. Whether it’s outpatient or inpatient care, safeguard yourself and your family from rising medical or hospitalization costs. Explore our wide range of customizable hospitalization and surgical plans and our exclusive outpatient medical insurance plan tailored for A.D. Avallis Financial clients.

Find out how we can help you structure the right coverage that provides you the highest quality of available treatment within your means.

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Legacy Planning

A Purposeful Legacy For Your Future Generations

Your wealth has enabled you and your loved ones to delight in the good things that life has to offer today. But what about tomorrow and beyond?

Effective legacy planning is more than just about deciding the distribution of your wealth when you are no longer around. It’s also about managing your affairs wisely in the present, to ensure that your assets will be used to benefit the people you choose and for the amounts you specify.

As a premier high net worth client with A.D. Avallis Financial, you’ll receive the utmost from us in personalized service and discretion. Gain exclusive access to specialist experts in global investment and private wealth management, and strategic support that is singularly tailored to your needs.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you create a meaningful and memorable legacy for successive generations to come.

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