Our Advisory Approach

Our Advisory Approach
We take a personalized approach to your wealth journey with us.

Establishing the framework for your investment strategy

Our advisory process and relationship with you begin with establishing your investment objectives, liquidity requirements and expectation of returns. We’ll also discuss your perspectives on expected investment time horizon and your personal risk profile.

The first meeting is also an opportunity to assess your familiarity with investments and any specific or unique requirements that we should take into account when developing a plan for you.

Portfolio selection

With the help of our A.D. Avallis Financial proprietary investment model, your adviser will select a portfolio of funds based on the information gathered from our meetings with you. Our asset allocation model tracks a wide range of funds, ranging from global to regional equities and bonds, each measured against leading market benchmarks.

We are committed to explore possible and suitable options until you find one that satisfies your requirements.

Implementation of investment strategy

Once both you and your adviser have agreed on a suitable portfolio, the agreed strategy and plan will be implemented via our in-house fund settlement system.

Regular portfolio monitoring

As part of the portfolio monitoring process, you’ll receive timely, semi-annual valuations and reports on your investments. At A.D. Avallis Financial, we also encourage an active and ongoing dialogue between you and your adviser to ensure you have all the necessary information at the right time, to make the right decisions in response to changing market conditions.

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