Preparing For Your Interview

Preparing For Interview
Interviewing with A.D. Avallis Financial enables us to learn more about your skills and experience. It also gives you an opportunity to meet our people and learn more about us, so you can make the right career choice for yourself.


What you can expect at your interview

Here are some pointers of what we look out for when meeting prospective career candidates.

  • Punctuality. It never hurts to come in earlier, to prepare yourself mentally and to focus your thoughts on the pending interview.
  • Rapport. Be positive and enthusiastic from the moment you start. Secure a good impression by being open, relaxed, but focused.
  • Preparation. Read up about us before you attend the interview. A lot of information is readily available on the web and in our company brochures. Having this background information will help the interview process as we interact with each other. This is also the time to clarify and ask questions that will help you decide if this is something that would suit you. It also helps us measure your level of enthusiasm and suitability for the position.
  • Relevant experience. You will be asked to describe situations in which you have applied knowledge and skill to overcome a particular problem. Keep your answers relevant – describing the situation, what you did, and the outcome based on your actions.
  • Honesty. We realize not everyone is equipped with the breadth of experience required. Do not be worried if you do not know all the answers. We do appreciate honesty. The interview allows us to assess your potential and if your personality is of the right job fit.
  • A good impression. Enthusiasm, a positive disposition, good manners and consideration. These are some of the social graces required of an adviser and demonstrating them will help make an impact that leaves us with a lasting impression of you.


Case Assessments

If you are successful in the first round, we will call you back for a second interview and to work on some case assessments. We believe the best way we can assess your problem-solving skills is to discuss a real-life scenario with you, to help us understand how you : -

  • Articulate your thoughts on a given scenario
  • Analyze given facts and data and their implications, and
  • Formulate a recommendation

We appreciate the time you spend in submitting your application, as well as in attending the interviews. Candidates who do not meet our initial criteria, and interviewees who do not clear their interviews will be informed of the outcome.